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In late 2012 the PCC spent a day of prayer and reflection on the future structure of mission in the parish. This resulted in a number of actions, some questions for us to continue to reflect on, and a structure for growing the Kingdom of God in our town.

The key actions were:

  • to develop the parish as a network of worshipping communities
  • to identify and nurture group leaders
  • to develop ‘church’ in the community and ensure that our faith is outward looking.

We challenged ourselves to reflect on how we encourage young people and families, how to improve communication across the parish, and finally to try and understand what church is, and how we see ‘fresh expressions’ of church.

Since then the PCC has been working towards growing a network of worshipping communities, all clearly seeing themselves as part of the parish.

To develop this further, the PCC worked with the Diocesan Missioner to produce a mission strategy. This can be found here. Several years on we have achieved many of the aims of our strategy for mission, yet much work remains to be done.


Mission Action Plan

Our aim is to make new friends for Jesus by taking the Good News of hope, freedom and healing into every part of Cramlington. We’re going to do this by encouraging every member of the church to be a daily visible witness to God’s saving love through action and care within the community, to be prepared to ‘give it a go’ and be willing to try out new ventures.


Community Engagement

Our Food Bank and hospitality team are at the forefront of our service to the community. The hospitality team runs our monthly café, Heavenly Delights, which serves inexpensive food and is not only entirely self-sustaining but also raises significant sums of money for charities. The hospitality team also caters for other church functions and events such as Messy Church. Our Food Bank operates entirely from donations of food and money.

The parish has developed a good relationship with our local Costa Coffee, and has begun to run meetings and study groups in it. There is an active men’s fellowship group that meets in a local pub. During the week there are many other church groups meeting including youth groups, book, knitting and craft clubs and flower arranging. For several years, the church has run a holiday club during one week of the school summer holidays.

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